The unique outgoing with Road of Angels,

Intertwining roads with majestic view, a kaleidoscope of ever-changing colors and remote areas that represent the mysterious paths of ancient civilizations in Lebanon one of the oldest countries in the world, this is Road of Angels. You can spend a day in the North of Lebanon, another one in Qannoubine, a third day in the South. The Chouf, Baalbek… These personalized outings are in a private car. From coastal roads to the top of mountains pics, a regional organic lunch will be provided by a local establishment related to the region.

Here are how it works. You will be pick up from your location in the morning, and you will have a unique day that will give you a geographical, historic, scenic, outing that will help you understand the complexity and beauty of the region. In this day, in north Lebanon, you will see fortresses dating back from Phoenicians, oil presses,12 century churches, old frescos, the oldest icons of the virgin, agricultural phenomenon’s as well as completely unknown places that is a great part of the history that depicts the whole region. You will be submerged in dizzy ecstasy.

The valley of Qannoubine, Unesco world heritage, is also a must see. It has many spectacular views. A holly valley where every rock, stone, trunk and grain bear the imprints of a great past civilization where the hermits lived. You will see churches, frescos, hermitages, and caves that are scattered all around. We will take you through amazing trails of hidden places (trails of hiking walks are optional depending on your stamina), monasteries and sanctuaries are hidden in a tumultuous maze of nature. The experience continues, as we will be experiencing the heart of the cedars, the oldest trees in the world.

In the Chouf, Beiteddine Palace, a masterpiece of the early 19th century Lebanese architecture built by Emir Bechir Chehab, The Barouk forest. Niha a natural grotto where Emir Fakhr el Dine hide from the ottoman with a spectacular view on Jezzine and Bisri valley… we will pass by Saida, one of the oldest cities in Lebanon with iconic sites, very old souk, artisan places as cutlery making, glass blowing, pottery…we will continue to Jezzine a very typical village with old traditional houses and a majestic nature.