I had the most amazing visit thanks to you and Kareen. I am telling all my friends and want to organize a group visit for possibly next spring.
From Thanksgiving dinner to EddeSands, from Tripoli to Sidon, I loved it all.
If only the U. S. press would stop showing soldiers and garbage!  I have found friends who’ve been to Lebanon, loved visiting and were wishing they could have come with
me. Let me know about TripAdvisor. I want them to know about EddeSands, Byblos and the whole country.
All the best and big hug,
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Louise Ross

ROAD OF ANGELS Une réussite totale avec une guide hors du commun, une artiste. Kareen fille du sable et de la route nous a emporté dans son tourbillon d’églises cachées, de clés à dénicher, de spots artistiques et naturels uniques. Ses adresses insolites révèlent une connaissance et un amour du Liban communicatifs. Quelle rencontre! Sa culture, sa simplicité, son oeil ont illuminés notre voyage. Normal quand on emprunte la route des Anges…😊😊

Road Of Angels Above and beyond what you read in the travel section or your guide book – with Kareen you are seeing Lebanese history without the tourists. Kareen is an original! She spans the new world and the ancient Levant. She restores art and searches the Lebanese valleys and hills for undiscovered archeological sites on her Harley Davidson. See Phoenician and Roman hilltop fortresses, early Christian churches and burial chambers carved into boulders in the fields around long established villages. Kareen transports you on a memorable historic adventure through the mosaic of Lebanese cultural communities surrounding Beirut. ===8x—- All the best, Ian Fairlie C +1-416-473-9374