Nelida sent Today at 9:13 PM

Kareen dearest: What a wonderful sensorial experience you and Danielle invited me to share today. My eyes were enchanted by medieval churches, monasteries, frescoes, fossils, architectural and nature gems. The delicious aroma of the roses, the olives and all the citrus fruits intoxicated my smell. My taste buds tempted by the delicious thyme, cheese and kawarma pies, fresh cucumbers and olives were delicious. The singing cicadas and the silence of the villages were music to my ears. If the pandemic prevented and prohibited us for touching, hugging and kissing the warmth of your company, your guidance and generosity embraced warmly my being…. We even indulged in local delicious products’ shopping. A pure enchantment I am so grateful.

You sent Today at 9:16 PM

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